Cute Pet Supplies tells about the daily training related knowledge of dogs

Cute Pet Supplies tells about the daily training related knowledge of dogs

Cute Pet Supplies tells about the daily training related knowledge of dogs

Date: 2021-05-13


  Cute Pet Supplies tells about the daily training related knowledge of dogs.


  Do you know the daily training of dogs? Let’s take a look at the editor of Cute Pet Supplies!


Cute Pet Supplies


  1. You should exercise properly every day. Do not exercise casually according to the will of the dog owner, sometimes several times a day, sometimes several days. The amount of exercise varies according to the breed, age and individual of the dog. If the puppy exercises 3-4 kilometers per day, and the fast hound should run about 16 kilometers per day. Some small dogs, such as Terry and Mini Pinscher, have a lively personality and require more exercise than other small dogs, so exercise should be increased appropriately. Some hounds, such as Afghan dogs, are recommended to run for more than 15 minutes a day. Before traction exercises outdoors, they should be allowed to move freely for a few minutes to defecate. During exercise, they should maintain the correct walking posture, keep a proper distance from the owner, and correct the front or back, or left or right walking habits.


  2. When you go out for exercise, you should leash your dog. Especially on the streets of the city, do not loosen the seat belt and let it walk freely, so as not to be hit by the car or disturb the pedestrians, or encounter and fight among other dogs, especially to avoid biting the pedestrians. A dog’s tie should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight will affect breathing, and too loose will easily fall off. It is appropriate to have a certain degree of freedom.


  3. The route of exercise should be changed from time to time. Don’t just follow the same fixed route every day. During exercise, prevent it from sniffing the excrement or other objects left by other dogs. Do not let the dog touch it, and don’t put the dog in a place where people or other dogs gather. Place to prevent the spread of certain diseases.


  The above is the introduction of the daily training knowledge about dogs from the editor of Cute Pet. I hope it can help you.

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