How to choose a good scratcher in cat products

How to choose a good scratcher in cat products

How to choose a good scratcher in cat products

Date: 2021-04-15


  When it comes to scratching boards, I believe many friends will not feel unfamiliar, especially for some friends who raise cats, when raising a cat, they will prepare some cat products for it, such as cat scratching boards. It not only helps cats sharpen their claws, but also helps cats not to damage furniture. But since there are many brands of cat paw plates on the market now, I don’t know what kind of cat paw plates are suitable for cats? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.


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  When we choose a variety of cat products, when choosing a claw plate for cats, we first need to make sure that the material is very safe. This is mainly because cats like to lick and bite in addition to scratching the scratching board. Cardboard. Especially for some scratch boards with printed colors, they also contain a lot of chemical substances. Therefore, when we are choosing cat products for cats, it is best to choose scratch boards that are not painted with any color, to be better. To ensure the cat’s health.


  In addition, when choosing a scratch board, in addition to paying attention to its material, you should also pay attention to what its aperture is. This is mainly because if the aperture is not appropriate, cats will not like to scratch. Especially when the aperture of the cardboard is small through fine porcelain, the ventilation effect is not particularly good, and the cardboard is not resistant to scratching and is easily damaged.

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