Recommended pet supplies: What supplies do you need to prepare for keeping a dog (1)

pet supplies

Recommended pet supplies: What supplies do you need to prepare for keeping a dog (1)

Date: 2021-04-13


In today's society, more and more people keep pets. Since raising a dog, many people like to buy all kinds of pet supplies. Although dog supplies are not as diverse and complex as cat supplies, they are not many. Let me talk about pet supplies that I know and bought.

pet supplies


Specifically: dog kennels, dog bowls, wet wipes, foot cleansing foam, shower gel, combs, electric clippers, nail clippers, water blowers, medicines, changing mats, cages, toys, clothes, shoes, collars, and traction ropes .


1. Doghouse


Speaking of kennels, I choose them according to the season.


The spring and autumn kennels are very common styles, each of each size, the small one in the cage and the large one outside. Under normal circumstances, there is a nest by the bed, a nest on the balcony, and a nest in the cage. It sleeps wherever it wants, sometimes on a chair.


I use ice pads in summer, but I turned on the air conditioner at night to fear that it would catch a cold. There was also a pad for it. Later, I bought a nest of that kind of summer mat. So now the sleeping nest is composed of foam pad + ice pad + mat nest + cushion. For example, it sometimes sleeps on the ground during the day. If the air conditioner is not turned on at night, it will sleep on the ground if it feels hot, but most of the time it is in a sleeping nest.


In winter, I especially like cat litters, so I also show cat litters to my dog, because cat litters are especially warm.


2.Dog bowl


I like stainless steel. I don’t like plastic. Of course, ceramics are also very good, but they are heavy, so stainless steel is the best and easy to clean.


The dog bowls now used are the kind of double dog bowls, one with a drinking bottle, to reduce the trouble of frequent water changes, but you have to prepare a kettle for cold and boiled ones. The one without it is a double stainless steel bowl. My dog ​​bowls are double servings now, because one is placed in the cage and the other is under the desk. There are two types of dog food, one for each dog bowl, which is not mixed and convenient.


3. Wet wipes


There are two types of wet wipes, one is small wet wipes in boxes and the other is large wet wipes in bags. Small wipes are used to wipe eyes, and large wipes are used to wipe feet and ass. Wipes should pay attention to the expiration date, because the moisture of the wet wipes for a long time will not be so much, and it will feel a little dry.

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