What is the automatic smart cat litter box in pet supplies

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What is the automatic smart cat litter box in pet supplies

Date: 2021-05-25


  What is the automatic smart cat litter box in pet supplies?



  With the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher environmental protection requirements for household pet products. As a family pet, cat has its own unique character. Cats are an animal that likes to be clean and vigilant, and will bury their excrement after defecation. Nowadays, family cats will first prepare a litter box, and then train the cat to excrete in it. After the excretion, the cat will be shoveled out manually to clean up the excrement.



Pet supplies



  Now there is a new type of fully automatic intelligent cat litter box that can realize the function of separating cat litter and cat litter intelligent technology, and has the advantages of high degree of automation, simplicity, economy and practicality.



  It uses the following technical solutions to achieve: the fully automatic intelligent cat litter box includes: a base with a cat litter separation bucket set on the base, the cat litter separation bucket includes a separation bucket upper shell, a cat stool separation device, and a separation bucket lower shell. The separation bucket The upper shell and the lower shell of the separating barrel are fixedly connected to form an ellipsoidal barrel. The cat defecation separation barrel is provided with a cat inlet and outlet at the front end and a cat defeces outlet at the rear end. The base is equipped with a rear end that will collect cats, and the cats that will be collected by the cat box will be located just below the exit. The cat is separated from the back side of the bucket with a ring-shaped driven gear, and a motor is provided at the bottom of the base end side. The motor shaft of the motor is connected to the main gear, which is driven by the meshing driven gear belt.



  The cat poop separation control device mainly includes the separation baffle, the cat poop exit development track and the sieve. The separation baffle is fixedly connected to the cat poop exit urban rail, and the separation baffle can go deep into the front of the cat poop separation bucket and the cat poop exit. The bottom of the track structure is provided with a sieve, and the back-end system is provided with a track enterprise exit, and the track product exit is fixedly connected with the Maobian exit. An ellipsoidal cavity is arranged in the center of the front part of the upper end of the base, and a chute is arranged at the rear part, the cat feces separation bucket is arranged in the ellipsoid cavity, and the cat feces collection box is arranged in the chute.



  The above is an introduction to some relevant knowledge about the automatic smart cat litter box, I hope it can help you.

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