Cute Pet Supplies tell about several ways to train dogs to excrete

Cute Pet Supplies tell about several ways to train dogs to excrete

Cute Pet Supplies tell about several ways to train dogs to excrete

Date: 2021-05-13

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  Cute Pet Supplies tell about several ways to train dogs to excrete.


  Do you know several ways to train dogs to excrete? Let’s take a look at the editor of Cute Pet Supplies below!


Pet Supplies


  1. Arrange time to go to the toilet. Puppies usually play, sleep, eat and defecate after drinking water. After this activity, take it to the toilet, try to take the puppy outside to defecate, and prepare snacks to reward it.


  2. Control food and water, because you have to excrete as much as you eat. Remember, it is up to you to decide when, where and where to excrete.


  3. Don't change after choosing good quality dog ??food. Because many of our poor dog food contains impurities with no nutritional value, although it is safe to eat, it increases the number of excretion daily. In addition, sudden changes in eating habits should also be avoided.


  4. When you are not at home, use boxes or fences to limit the range of activities of the puppy. This is a better way to reduce accidental peeing everywhere. Wooden boxes are also desirable. Because long-term imprisonment can allow the puppy to excrete in the wooden box.


  5. Reward with snacks. This is a more effective method, but most of us rarely use this method to train dogs not to urinate in the house.


  6. Set up a toilet ceremony, that is, use the same door every time to enter and exit, go to the same grassland for excretion, and then wait patiently until the puppy excretes, praise it. Don't harass it with too much encouragement.


  7. Gradually make your dog responsible. Take it to the place where you want to go to the toilet, leave it there, and take it away after it is finished. Gradually let it walk some distance to the toilet by itself, then it will know how to complete the whole process.


  8. Dedicated to get up for your puppy at night, you want to make the next three-month-old puppy go to the toilet at night. Urinating in the room because it can only postpone necessary training.


  9. If the puppy accidentally does not urinate in a designated place, do not punish it, so we will only prevent it from going to the toilet in front of you in the future.


  10. Wait for the puppy to grow up. A dog must be five or six months old before its muscles can control excretion like an adult dog. If the puppy can also reduce the number of accidental peeing, it will soon mature enough to control itself.


  The above are several methods introduced by the editor of Cute Pet products, I hope it can help you.

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